The big bang of forest restoration

Global forest recovery depends on diverse and abundant seedling supply.


The promise

There are plans to plant 2.5 trillion trees in the next 15 years. That’s nearly as many trees as currently exist. Earth had 6 trillion trees 12,000 years ago, when agricultural civilization began.
Full forest restoration could sequester 22 times as much carbon as the world emits in a year. We can’t think of a worthier urgent cause to work for. Our future depends on it.

The problem

Even with sufficient political will and funding, reforestation has a huge supply gap. Traditional methods for producing seeds, seedlings, and saplings simply cannot meet the demand for abundant, resilient, and diverse trees to plant.
To close the supply gap and restore proper forest ecosystems, we need disruptive innovation. Glafos is working to deliver that with a bang. A big bang of forest restoration.

coming soon

Instant relief for UK landowners seeking to create woodlands

Woodland creation in the UK has ample funding available. But landowners must navigate a mishmash of unclear strategies and overly bureaucratic grants and schemes. One must also plant the right trees in the right places. No wonder the rate of planting is just half of the 30,000-hectare target by March 2025.

You, too, may be stuck.

This spring, you’ll have an online tool to get unstuck. Specific, actionable information for your land.


  • Enter the coordinates of your estate to see if your land is eligible

  • If yes, we’ll link you to suitable grants and schemes

  • You’ll get a site-specific woodland-creation plan that includes suitable tree species

We’ll ask if you’re open to buying seedlings from us.
No commitment. But you’ll help us to gauge demand before growing enough seedlings to turn Lincolnshire — the UK’s least-forested county — into a dense thicket wonderland.

about us

Glafos was founded in 2023 to close the global seedling supply gap that hinders forest restoration.
We use AI modeling, tissue cultivation, and other methods to collect data that helps seedlings to grow faster, be resilient in a heating climate, and ensure diverse forest ecosystems.
As we explore productization options, we’ll supply seedlings first. As our growth tech matures, we’ll likely license it to partners worldwide. We’ve raised pre-seed funding and are based in Tallinn, Estonia.

Triin Uustalu
Cofounder & CEO

Triin is a marketer and full-stack startupper who makes companies grow through creativity, metrics, and good ol'common sense. After serving in managerial positions at Skype, she headed digital banking at LHV Bank, followed by C-level positions at successful Estonian startups Veriff, Reiterate and Qminder.

Kadri Parikas
Cofounder & CPO

With a background in engineering, Kadri spent 10+ years leading the design and development of complex software products from idea to launch. She has served as product and team leads at Veriff, Starship, Skype, BNP Paribas, and others. Like her cofounder Triin, Kadri is a master at getting things done.


Our advisory group is currently in stealth mode, but includes an environmental scientist as research
lead, an AI advisor, and others.
If you have expertise in biology and gene technology, we’d love you to join our secret circle. Contact us!

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